From Pregnant to full time Mummy

Pregnancy is like being in a bubble. You invest so much time in your pregnancy both physically and emotionally. I spent ages thinking about my little guy. When will he arrive? What will his interests be? Will he look like me? Oh god what if he has my nose and weird feet? Days of dreaming, planning and preparing.

I was ready!!!

I had read all the books, washed all his little clothes and watched countless nail biting episodes of one born every minute. I was an expert and could tackle any problems I faced, right?


Everything went out of the window as soon as he arrived. Nothing can prepare you for being a parent it just happens one day and you have to learn on the job. Unfortunately babies don’t come with an instruction manual (I wish) so you just have to take each day as it comes. Somehow I managed to get through explosive nappies, sleepless nights and endless crying fits without pulling my hair out every 5 seconds.

When I became a mum I learnt something very important, PARENTING IS HARD!!! Everyone says it but you don’t quite believe them until you become one. However hard it gets though, seeing a smile on my little guys face always makes it all worth it.

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