Age old sleep problem

I woke up this morning after pulling an all nighter, stared at myself in the mirror and thought, Help!!! How am I going to make it through the day? With a bucket load of tea, that’s how. Caffeine (not surprisingly) appears to be my biggest friend at the minute. I have lost count of the amount of people who keep telling me that it will get better. After 5 months of no sleep it can be hard to believe.

Believe me I have tried every trick in the book. Co-sleeping? Check. Calm environment? Check. Good bedtime routine? Check. I do everything by the book, follow all the expert advice and nothing seems to work for us. My son seems to be allergic to sleep. The phrase “Sleeping like a Baby” seems to be a cruel joke, which lures new mums into thinking that babies are very good at sleeping. For my little demon Angel this is not the case.

The other day I saw a mum burst into tears because her 10 week old wasn’t sleeping through the night like other babies. I remember feeling exactly the same when Rupert was 10 weeks old and it really put things into perspective for me. Yes some babies may sleep through the night and that’s great, but every baby is different. I have become obsessed with what other children are doing instead of accepting that for now perhaps Rupert just isn’t ready for that.

My son is a very sensitive little boy, I can see that even at this young age. I just hope that with gentle encouragement and time he will one day learn how to sleep.

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