The Hallmarks of being a New Mum

I see it a lot in mums whenever I go to baby groups or classes. The signs of being a new mum.  My child looks beautiful, he’s been fed, he’s all washed, dressed and ready for the day. I, on the other hand haven’t eaten this morning (unless you count drinking a cold cup of tea) my hair looks like a crows nest and I’ve thrown on a t-shirt that needed washing two days ago. But that’s a normal part of motherhood, you forget to care about what you look like. As long as your child is happy all is right with the world.

I don’t think that I am alone in this. There are many things I have noticed most new mums share:

The Messy Bun Look

Do i have time to straighten my hair?? No. Do I have time to put it in a nice up-do?? No. Ah a messy bun will have to do!! It’s the same hairstyle I’ve worn all week and I will be rocking it for the next year or two. When all else fails and your hair looks disgusting, wear a messy bun.

Leggings (aka comfy PJ bottoms that are acceptable to wear in public)

Leggings are honestly the best thing ever invented. It’s like someone had mums in mind when they created them. If you’re anything like me, when you’ve given birth you don’t fit into or even like half of your old clothes. You could try your maternity jeans, but they are very restrictive.  This isn’t ideal with the endless bending down and getting up you do when you have a newborn. Not to mention the fact that you now have a fully formed Mum-Tum. Sling on a pair of leggings and an over-sized top and your golden.

Stains Stains Stains

Is that something down your top? Yes probably, but I hardly care after changing my top for the 10th time. I swear my little one can produce more fluid than a waterfall. So this is my reality, rocking baby slobber on my shoulder because I refuse to do any more washing.

Big Black Bags

Unfortunately I don’t mean a nice handbag. No, most mornings I wake up with bags under my eyes that are so big I resemble a very sleepy panda. Before I had Rupert I would wake up with my skin looking fresh and spot free. Oh how times change, I’m lucky if i get 5 hours sleep in one night. Goodbye beautiful dewy skin and hello teenage goth girl (pale skin and black eyes).

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