6 things I learnt whilst looking after a newborn


Seriously nothing gets done at all. Before having Rupert everything would be clean and tidy, the bathrooms were spotless, the bed would be made and tea would always be ready by 6.30(ish). Not any more. Your probably thinking how hard can it be to keep everything clean with a newborn. They pretty much sleep the majority of the time anyway. Nope. If your child is anything like mine he will demand to be held and fed every hour of the day, which means hours of loafing around on the sofa and cuddling. 


I honestly don’t know how I would have gotten through those first few months without family. Having a good support network is everything. There would often be days where Rupert wouldn’t stop crying, the house would be a tip and I felt as though my sanity was slowly slipping away. A phone call does wonders and always made me feel a lot happier. I had and still have lots of people coming to visit me and it makes the world of difference!!!


Yes I know this is an obvious one but I don’t think the happy, naive pregnant me considered this. Babies can be fed, having a cuddle, wearing a clean nappy and they still cry. At first it used to make me feel extremely stressed and upset. Why was he crying when he had everything he needed? Sometimes he was just tired or overstimulated and it made him upset. Just accepting that he was going to cry and there was nothing I could do about it made me feel ten times better. I was doing everything in my power to comfort him and I just had to wait it out.


As soon as you have a little one people think its their right to offer you advice. Some of it is really helpful, some of it isn’t. Every baby is so different and what works for one person might not necessarily work for someone else. Since having Rupert I have learnt that crying it out doesn’t always work, drinking stout doesn’t help your milk production and sleep doesn’t always get better after 3 months. Take advice with a pinch of salt and trust your instincts. Mama knows best!!!


In those first few weeks with a newborn if somebody asks you what you need, ask for food!! I didn’t have to make any meals for months after Rupert was born. People made us lasagne, pasta bake, stews, pizza I have never seen our fridge so well stocked. It allowed us to have more time to spend as a new family and meant if we did have any unannounced visitors we were always able to feed them.


In the first few weeks of having Rupert I lived in the bath. It was my only way of relaxing after days of crying, changing dirty nappies, running around after visitors and endless sleepless nights. Without fail, everytime I would get into the bath my son would become a little demon. Screaming and crying and cuddles from Daddy just wouldn’t cut it. This resulted in my husband and child in the bathroom staring at me with the same pathetic expression on their faces. In the end I just resorted to sharing my bath time with my son and it was the nicest feeling ever. We had lovely cuddles. Rupert could have a nice bit of food whilst mummy relaxed. Bath time was my favourite time of the day and was great for Mummy-Son bonding.


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